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About John Housser

John L. Housser
John L. Housser
Insurance (Life companies) Advisor 
Investment Fund Advisor – Investia Financial Services Inc.
“We appreciate, both your business and your referrals, thank you”

Since 1982, John Housser has been providing responsible solutions as an independent insurance/mutual fund advisor licensed for several Products and Services, and serving the Province of Ontario.

Stephen Covey in his book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” talks about how the first century and a half of U.S. history is built around character ethic which suggests success is built on things like integrity, humility, simplicity, modesty and the golden rule. Personality ethic, on the other hand, promotes social image, quick fixes and techniques that clearly manipulate and can be deceptive when trying to produce results for people: the “fake it ’till you make it” philosophy.

It was easy for me to enjoy this book because it encourages the reader to consider character ethic as the foundation to eventual success. This is consistent with the fundamental beliefs, values and goals engrained in me as a Mennonite boy, raised on a dairy farm in a rural community. As a boy and young man, I heard much about serving our fellow man. I would hear “Helping people is like climbing a ladder and when they reach the top, you will be only one rung behind”.

I believe one should consider concepts such as “love people, use money, versus love money and use people”. “Make sure you work a day that when you put your head on the pillow at night you can say you’ve earned your sleep.” “Value simplicity yet be thorough.” “Minimum fanfare, maximum effort.”

Being involved in the financial services industry since July 1979, I certainly concur with Stephen Covey’s encouragement to stick with character ethic. The value system given to me by my parents and community, has been my greatest gift, as I now serve clients, community and family.

Periodically, I will see situations where clearly the salesperson needed the commission more than the consumer needed the product or where a customer was exploited when they were vulnerable and sometimes the one size fits all solution wasn’t appropriate.

Since 1979, in the financial services industry, I have been a bank employee and life insurance company employee, but for the most part a salesperson, insurance/mutual fund advisor, and business person. I would say each year my resolve has been to deliver our services in a manner that maintains a good name for myself and my team.

Today we have an amazing team of staff and suppliers of financial products and services and our team understands, cares for, and works well with clients.

What makes me feel great? Watching and walking beside customers, friends and family as they write the chapters of their life.

Curriculum Vita: John L Housser

Previous Community Volunteering

* John Howard Society – Past Board Member
* South Waterloo Agriculture Society – Past Director
* Volunteer Action Center – past fundraising,
* Family Services of Cambridge and North Dumfries -Past Board Member
* Alcohol and Drug Recovery Association of Ontario – Past Fundraising
* Chairperson for the RCMP Musical Ride 2000 – Cambridge
* Corporation of Promise: Ontario’s Promise – the partnership for youth and children
* Sunnyside Nursing Home – Played cards with seniors and tended bar for a Friday afternoon Pub
* Canadian Mental Health Association – Was a confidential listener on the “Support help, crisis” lines 3 hours per week
* United Way – facilitated VLDP workshops – Essentials for effective boards and Conflict Management
* as a past volunteer facilitated courses – LUATC (4 yrs.) for new financial planning/insurance professionals – sponsored by Professional Association
* Ran for nomination 2x and ran as candidate 1x in federal election


* Achievement award from the Aga Khan Foundation of Canada – for making a difference in the Global Community and in leadership in Volunteerism
* Nominated by the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce for the Corporate Citizen of the Year award – Waterloo Region Junior Achievement
* “Ambassador of the Year” City of Cambridge – Cambridge Tourism
* Corporate Philanthropist of the Year (under 20 employees) by the Waterloo- Wellington Fundraisers Executive


* Father of three married children, grandfather of seven grandchildren
* Currently resides in Kitchener Ontario
* Enjoys walks, talks, light exercising, farm work, playing family card games, and mostly riding the motorcycle and helping friends with tasks


* Formal education – Agriculture diploma
* Continuous Financial Services sector upgrades
* Numerous personal and interest courses
* “Competent” CTM Toastmaster level


* On graduation from Agriculture school, worked for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) for a few years
* In 1986 became an independent broker in the financial services sector
* Currently insurance/mutual fund advisor (as of January 1st, 2022: 40 years)

Public Speaking

* Periodically asked to be Master of Ceremonies
* Speaking success in college, bank and current profession
* Delivered presentations in boardrooms and before both Regional Council and City Council – successfully
* Gave numerous addresses in community, including Schools and Service Clubs
* Can speak on “conflict management”, volunteer leadership, fundraising, effective boards, financial planning, financial products