We collect information from our customers in order to do business.  

In this regard., we are reasonable and fair with a view of collecting the minimum of information required to make appropriate recommendations to a customer or prospective customer when they are considering the purchase of a product or service we offer. Sometimes more than the minimum information is asked for or is provided and this information is often very helpful in understanding a client better, and usually produces better value from our staff utilizing their skills more fully as we provide service.   

The transfer of information to a third party occurs when information included on applications for products are sent to financial institutions (ie. life insurance applications to a Life Insurance Company or RRSP application to a Mutual Fund Company). 

Clients may view their complete file we have about their account at anytime. 

Client information is kept confidential and not used for any reason than to service your account. 

Information is kept safe and secure, and is kept only for the time required to provide our services and meet regulatory requirements.


Helpful websites you can visit: 

        Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act 

        Privacy Office (Ontario) 

        Investia Financial Services Inc. Privacy Policy


Management is pleased to discuss this topic and expand on our policies and procedures further with clients if they wish. 


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