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About Brittany Petrie

Brittany Petrie

Brittany Petrie
Insurance Advisor
“We appreciate, both your business and your referrals, thank you”

In many respects I stand amongst the most grateful. At this point in my life, I have amassed an interesting collection of experiences, most of which could have not been planned.

Growing up with a father who came to Canada as a refugee from Laos and a Canadian mother, family matters have always been a top priority. The passion from my own family has opened doors for me that has in turn given me the ability to have very real empathetic understanding of people who live in the poorest situations and those who are quite affluent. In my own life journey and family dynamics, I have seen and lived through humble periods and fairly-well to do periods. In other words, I have seen both ends and experienced or watched the adults in my life with those transitions.

Having heard the stories of my father of post war in Laos, having partnerships with disadvantaged local artisans in Laos and having dealt with losing those close to me in the past, have all deepened the love I have for my family and friends, especially so for my own son and daughter who really keep me motivated and give me the inner drive to be sure I give it my best each and every day . All of these experiences have reminded me that you can not ever take for granted your loved ones.

These experiences have all intensified core values of hard work, passion, integrity and the ability to walk beside my customers as they develop their financial pictures, especially in my role of insurance advisor. Having insights from exposure to one of the poorest countries on the planet, I believe my consciousness has really attuned to taking care that each customer purchases the right products, at the right amounts and at the right time, to ensure they are protecting themselves and their loved ones, should a disability, critical illness or a passing occur.

I take great pride in being able to earn your trust and thankful to be able to help you achieve your family financial goals.

Favourite Past Volunteering: The Food Bank of Waterloo Region and Family and Children Services

Education: BES (University of Waterloo).