What Others Say


What Others Have To Say

"John Housser is honest enough to admit, when questions arise, that he may not have the answer to. His professional advice is biased toward fulfilling my needs and requirements. I have no hesitation in recommending his services whatsoever."
Paul - Programmer/Analyst - Waterloo, Ontario

"Sincere with strong personal touch, no pressure yet he works hard and goes out of his way to provide benefits fitted to the individual."
Ron - Professor - Guelph, Ontario

"Open, personal, with good follow-up. Always feel my bases are covered."
Ruth - R.N. - Waterloo, Ontario

"Thorough, honest, knowledgeable. Expects no more from others than he is prepared to give."
Bruce - Sales Director - London, Ontario

"Thorough, professional, providing personal attention to individual planning needs. Follow-up quickly and accurately on wide range of competitive products."
John - Accountant - Guelph, Ontario

"Doesn't sell more than I can afford."
Marianne - Assembler - Kitchener, Ontario

"Excellent! Excellent! Always has a good plan for my account."
Maria - Chemical Engineering Technician - Guelph, Ontario

"Good work, no nonsense manner."
Doug - Beef Farmer - New Dundee - Ontario

"Always feel important as his client. Has always been successful at tailoring policies and services to fit mine and my friends needs."
Tracey - Single Parent - Kitchener, Ontario

"A sincere concern about providing the best possible service. Genuine caring for a persons welfare. Consistently goes beyond what is expected whether it be insurance, investing or their future years."
Gweneth - Retired - Kitchener, Ontario

"Everything explained very well so that I can understand it. I like analogies he uses that help me relate."
Pauline - Single Mother - Kitchener, Ontario

"Rarely have I done business with a stranger and felt like I just did business with a friend."
Marshal - Plumber - Kitchener, Ontario


John L. Housser

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